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Understand your Exposure to Phishing

Phishing is a shockingly effective method of acquiring information such as user names, passwords, and other sensitive data by masquerading as a trusted entity.   Typically carried out by email spoofing, it often directs its targets to click links which exploit software weaknesses or imitate a legitimate site.  Unsuspecting and unaware users are then either infected with malware which begins to roam free, or coerced to provide sensitive information.

Safely Test your Users

Our PhishSeine service is a completely turnkey assessment of your staff's susceptibility to these attacks. We safely emulate the tactics of criminals and attempt to coerce users to provide sensitive information. We then collect and report on user reaction. This removes guesswork by giving you a complete and timely understanding of your exposure to these issues, and supplies recommendations to incorporate within employee security awareness material.

Improve over Time

Discovering and influencing user behaviour trends is a key benefit of our service. We periodically repeat the evaluation and report on whether the problem is getting better or worse. In most cases this data will reflect on the effectiveness of your current user awareness and training efforts.

Budget Easily, Scale Quickly

This service is fixed price, which means you can get the data you need without breaking the bank. We provide an easy way to scale our service to any sized organization from ten employees in a single office to thousands spread out across the world.

NEW! - Deliver Immediate User Training

We have just extended our platform to provide instant training of phished users. No more tired quarterly emails that get ignored, this approach targets only the users that open and click links. We can also track and report on delivery of training to individuals for confirmation.